Join me for Workshops and Retreats in Grenada!

After spending four months in Ghana, I made a commitment to my Self to spend every winter in the sun!  Why be in the cold when you can be in the warmth?

The ‘lights out’ situation in Ghana was the main reason I decided not to return next winter; not long after returning to England I got an email from an old friend who subsequently offered me the opportunity to run my Creativity Workshops at his Academy in Grenada, so I’m in the process of putting together Poetry and Art Workshops, as well as Retreats!

The Poetry and Art Workshops will run regularly from November 2015 to May 2016 and will include the Grenadian locals, however if you are planning a holiday abroad, maybe you’ll consider joining me at one of them?  This will be a time for you to release your creative flair and let your Self go!  Do you have trouble expressing your deepest feelings? Have you experienced trauma which you’ve not shared with anyone before?  Use the healing tools of creative writing and art to heal your Self!  Or would you just like to create something really special for a loved one? How about creating a special personalised card with your own artwork and poetry?  I will also be explaining how I used Colour Therapy in my art to heal myself, and showing you how you can do the same.

The Retreats will be held next March (2016), and will be for 10 days each (one mixed, one women only).  The first Retreat is entitled ‘Self Healing through Forgiveness‘ and focuses on using writing as a form of releasing un-forgiveness which can cause all sorts of physical and psychological effects in the body.  Forgiveness is always about YOU, not the other person!  The second Retreat is called ‘Awakening Your Inner Child’  and is for anyone who desires to get creative again.  Perhaps you were very creative as a child, but your job or commitments don’t allow you the time to express your Self creatively?  Join me for a fun and fulfilling 10 days in the sun where we will unleash your inner child! (Read The Story of My Inner Child)

My Artist Child small

I’ll tell you more about them in my next blog post, however if you’re interested in joining me for either the Poetry & Art Workshops or a Retreat, message me using the contact form below! (easy monthly payments for the Retreats are available)

 I recorded this video which is one of the poems from my forthcoming CD, let me know what you think!

(Feel free to like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel!)

In the meantime,

Stay blissed!


(Artist/Poet/Author/Black Love Promoter)

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Artisan Impression people

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I’m back!

I’m back in London, and seem to have missed all the bad weather (which was the plan!)


There was nothing better than getting up at 6am, and heading to the beach to watch the sun rise, or watching the sun set in the evening!

My initial idea was to work on the sequel to ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ but nothing was coming!  As an ‘inspired’ writer, I never try to force it, so rather than beat myself up about it, I just decided to enjoy my time in the sun and top up my melanin as much as possible!  I know that what I experienced on my trip is still sinking into my subconscious and will come out in future writing!

I decided to read both the Self-help books I’d written, as I hadn’t done so since writing them!

I could really see my ego in ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ so I’ve decided to re-write my ‘her story’ and explain the real reason why I never got married!

I drew new cover designs for the Revised paperback versions of both books, and started painting them with Acrylics.  I decided to finish them here with oil paints, as the acrylic was drying too quickly which wasn’t giving me enough time to blend the skin tones!

htg book cover design

The front cover design for ‘How to Get the Ring On…’ was inspired by something one of the brothers said at the first Book Launch; “The ring is the smallest handcuff ever created by the white man”.  At the launch we had a good discussion about whether the ‘white wedding’ was something we should aspire to as Nubian people.  This has also influenced my re-writing of the book. I’m not against marriage, and probably WILL marry at some point, but it won’t be a traditional white wedding!

My sister Jacqui came to Ghana for 10 days the week before I left, which was nice!  We visited Cape Coast Castle, and stayed in some really nice hotels! Up to that point, I’d gotten used to washing with luke warm/cold water, and the ‘lights out’ situation, which could last up to 12 hours; I didn’t realize there were parts of Ghana that didn’t experience ‘lights out’, and that had constant hot running water!

me and jacqui

One thing I realized while in Ghana is that I don’t have to be in the Motherland to tap into my Source, or to ‘channel’ messages from my ancestors.  I did more of that right here in England.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I AM THE SOURCE, and no matter where I am in the world, I can tap into it.

I’m glad I didn’t write the sequel, as I got a nasty virus on my computer from using my USB stick in an internet cafe.  I lost a lot of the work I did revising my novel, and had to spend all this week re-writing it!

The REVISED Edition of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual?’ is now available to download as a PDF for only £1.99 from – have a read and let me know what you think!


I’m aiming to finish revising ‘How to Get the Ring On..’ and to finish both paintings by the end of this month – and  to get the paperbacks ready for my USA tour!

Wish me luck!






(Artist/Poet/Author/Black Love Promoter)

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New Cover Designs for the Revised Editions of my books!

This is my fourth month in Ghana, and I’m only just getting into the writing flow!

I originally came to Ghana to do some research for the sequel to my novel Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!.  It didn’t take long for me to realise that the information I was seeking (around sex rituals) wasn’t to be found here.  I spent the first month chilling on the beach in Kokrobite (after my 10-day tour with The Calabash Hub)

And now the flow is finally here; I only tend to write when the inspiration is flowing!

To be honest, I don’t know where all the time has flown to;  I’ve missed my three suns, but I haven’t missed the cold weather (I heard it’s snowing in London!)

So after 3 months I’m finally getting down to some work; I’ve been locked away for the past week revising my Self-help novel and Self-help book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ – I’ve even drawn new cover designs!



I made a slight change to the cover design  when  I started painting it; I did a chain joining the two rings, which was inspired by something one of the brothers said at the first book launch; “The ring is the smallest handcuff ever created by the white man”




















All the images on the new cover design for the hardback version of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual?’ are from the story.  The Adinkra Symbol in the middle is called ‘Sesa Wo Suban’ and is symbolic for ‘Transformation’.  You are invited to join the main character Suzanne on her 11-year transformational quest for ‘the Truth’ about sex before marriage, the creative power of her thoughts, her African ancestry, and the history of the religion she had been indoctrinated into.

I’m aiming to have the revised editions of my books ready for the beginning of my USA tour in May.   The novel will come with its complimentary CD ‘Seeds of Love’ (all 13 poems feature in the story!)

I’m looking forward to my sister joining me later this month in Ghana for a week; not long after that I’ll be returning to the UK for a short visit, before going to the USA – I still have to pick up my Spokenword Billboard award!

I’ve been listening to my audiobook ‘The Power of NOW’ by Eckhart Tolle and reading ‘Only Fear Dies’ by Barry Long (both research for the sequel).  I’m learning to live in the present moment, learning not to project my thoughts into the past or the future, and living in a state of pure bliss, as we are born to live.

Until the next time,

Stay blissed!






(Artist/Poet/Author/Black Love Promoter)

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Two interviews in the oil city of Takoradi!

My Tenth Week in Ghana:


On Sunday I travelled 5 hours to the oil city of Takoradi for an interview with Bob Gee on Melody 91.1fm for his show ‘The Hall of Fame';  I was surprised at how much research he had done regarding my books, art and poetry – he even read stuff I’d posted on Facebook!  I was able to show why I won ‘International Artist of the Year’ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards by performing two of my poems live in the studio; ‘A Dedicated Writer’ and I Need a MAN! (the shorter, cleaner version!). Bob asked some pertinent questions relating to my family life, education, and what inspires me.


BOB GEE my fellow poet and Facebook friend Ike Boat (who organised the interview) captured some of the interview on my phone:




photo(3) photo(4)The following morning I was also invited for an interview on Paragon radio 99.9fm with Yao Mawutor Fiano who is himself a member of the Takoradi Poetry Club.  We had fun discussing the art of poetry, and they were surprised to learn that I hadn’t studied how to write poetry!  For me, poetry is something that comes through me, as I channel a lot of my writing.  Ike Boat and another member of staff at Paragon also belong to the Takoradi Poetry Club, and I hope to attend one of their events before I leave!

I performed my poem ‘My Artist Child’ live on air, which explains how I was able to unblock as a writer and artist after 20 years! (19:48 on the YouTube video below). Ike Boat (who accompanied me again)  had the opportunity to perform one of his poems live as well!


Yao asked me some hard questions about what I thought of Ghana, and whilst I try to stick to the topic of love and relationships in my poetry, I think I got a bit political about the gap between the rich and poor in Ghana.  I’m still processing all the information I’m taking in, so wasn’t able to give him a full anwer!

I went down to the beach and saw the oil rig which Takoradi is famous for; you can just spot it in the background:

photo(7)I’d previously watched a video at my friend’s house in Pokuase about how the wealth from the oil collected goes mostly to foreigners; only 10% goes to Ghana! I’m trying not to get political about the big gap between the rich and poor in Ghana, but I made a little video about my thoughts:

Since making that video I’ve come to the conclusion that everybody creates their own reality; I’m in the process of creating my own version of ‘heaven on earth’, all I can do is inspire others to do the same.  If I focus on what others don’t have, it could affect my own reality, so from now on, I intend to stay focused on my goal!

I was grateful to be put up in a nice hotel overnight, courtesy of Bob Gee and Valley Beach Hotel, and thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Takoradi!




(Ike Boat and myself in the beautiful garden of Valley Beach Hotel)

This week I’ll also be travelling to Labadi to visit renowned artist Ablade Glover, will fill you in next week!

In the meantime, order your paperback copy of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ from!

Book 2 copy

Stay blissed!


(Award-winning Artist/Poet/Author/Inspirational Thought Leader)

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Two months in Ghana already!

I’ve been in Ghana for two months already, where has the time flown to?

I spent the first month in the beautiful beach resort of Kokrobite, after my 10 day tour with The Calabash Hub.  I tried sitting at my computer to write, but nothing came!

what to write

I decided not to beat myself up about it, and enjoyed going to the beach most days, and having fun with the locals!  I even learnt some new painting techniques from a local artist, Dele Sawyerr. He does brilliant portraits, as well as paintings like the one below, and abstract.  He can be contacted on +233 0243312726

deledeles painting(I was just painting the flowers!)

I also attended the African Genius Awards in honour of Kwame Nkrumah, which was a great evening out – I especially enjoyed the performances!


I’ve performed at two events so far; a natural hair event held at The Dubois Centre, and a poetry event organised by the CRE crew; I featured with Kwaku Sonny held at the Cahaya Lounge; I must say, I was really impressed with the talented poets in Ghana!  I’m still waiting to get more photos/videos of that event, so will add them later!


hair event
It’s Hamatan season here now; much cooler in the mornings, and a lot of dust; also very hazy.  My friend Yeshuah’s wife told me that some men wait until this season to choose a wife, because the weather can make your lips crack; if the woman’s lips crack, they wouldn’t marry them! (I thought that was hilarious!)

This Sunday I’m travelling from Pokuase to Tokadori (like travelling from London to Manchester apparently) for an interview on Melody fm 91.1 with Bob Gee – his show is called ‘The Hall of Fame’.  The show is from 6-7pm GMT, tune in if you can!


In my next post I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences of Ghana….

Stay blissed for now!






(Artist/Poet/Author/Inspirational Thought Leader)

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I WON ‘International Artist of the Year’ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards!


Billboard AwardI would like to thank all who voted for me to WIN ‘International Artist of the Year’ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards 2014 (USA), I couldn’t have won it without you!

The award is still in the USA; I was on a 10-day tour of Ghana with The Calabash Hub when I heard the news!   (read all about it in my previous post!)

Here’s my Acceptance Speech, which I recorded before leaving the UK:


I‘m currently in Ghana on a 3 month Writer’s Retreat (doing research for the sequel to my novel), before heading to the USA to collect my award, and to perform poems from my two CD’s Seeds of Love and Rise of the Phoenix at as many poetry events as I can!

Seeds of Love 3-fold CD Cover Design copy RiseofthePhoenix3-folddesign copy

Do you like the designs?  I did them my Self!

Book 2 copy
My next goal is to win a literary award for my novel Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! It was nominated for two awards this year: ‘Best Perfect Bound Collection’ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards (it features my artwork and poetry), and I was also nominated ‘Best Author’ in the Beffta Awards!  I’m currently revising it and will be sending it to Literary Agents with a view to getting a publisher’s deal to write the sequel!

Read Year One FREE!

Original Paintings Sale @ Scandals!

paintings at Scandals

I’ve teamed up with Scandals Bar & Night Club, 82 Norwood High Street, London SE27 9NW, who are holding an Art Sale in my absence from the UK!  These are the last 6 paintings from my original collection ‘Nature’s Art’; I’ve reduced them for a quick sale to raise the funds to print my CD’s, and to send for my 3 suns to join me in Ghana for a holiday before I leave! 

In order from left to right:

Moondance:        £150

Self Love:             £450

Love Bump:         £350 (slightly damaged)

Black Orchid:      £600 o.n.o.

Blue Lotus:           £800 o.n.o.

Black Butterfly:   £800 o.n.o.

The paintings will be sold ‘off the wallin the new café & bar area due to open at Christmas; however if you’d like to get in early, call Nigel (owner) to arrange a viewing; he has also agreed to allow people from my Mailing List to pay in  3-6 month instalments (if necessary!)  You can call him on 0208 761 5200 or 07508 766 146

For more information about the Colour Therapy and Symbolism used in my paintings visit my Art Page!

So all that’s left for me to say is take care for now, and follow your bliss!






(Artist/Poet/Author/Black Love Promoter)

P.S. Are you in Ghana in December? Come to the Events I’m performing at!

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My Tour of Ghana with the Calabash Hub

Just in case you weren’t able to follow my posts on Facebook, here’s a quick run-down of my 10-day tour of Ghana with The Calabash Hub; it was action-packed, so I’m only able to share the highlights:

I missed the flight with the group because I booked my ticket in the name ‘Cezanne’ instead of ‘Carol Ann’ (which is the name on my passport, duh!) and BA refused to change the ticket, so I had to pay nearly £600 to catch another flight with Portugese Air; I travelled overnight and caught up with them in time to start the tour the following morning!

resort photo from my roomI was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful resort we stayed at, owned by a Ghanaian brother by the name ‘Powerful’ (and his investors).  I interviewed him towards the end of the tour; he told me that he started off making drums and teaching drumming workshops in America.  He was able to get some African Americans to invest in land and they built this beautiful seaside resort!  I thoroughly enjoyed being able to wake up to the sound of the waves, and to take a stroll on the beach first thing in the morning!  This is me with Powerful and one of the drums he made; he carved my name ‘Cezanne Poetess’ on it, with ‘Scorpio Queen’ and a brilliant carving of a Scorpion!

me, powerful and drum my drumI’m now learning how to play my drum, and also doing African dance classes!  I’m aiming to be able to play it fluently by 20th December when I’m featuring at an event in Accra! (see my Events Page for details).


chief drinking from calabashOn the first day of the tour we visited the village chief Nii Kojo Ababio V and his elders who gave us a warm welcome; they poured libation to our ancestors and prayed a special blessing over us for our safe trip, then we all  had to drink from the calabash! 

me ans sis E outside palaceWe then visited his ‘palace’ where we received another warm welcome from African drummers.  When I told the chief I was staying for a couple of months after the group return to the UK, his secretary gave me his number to call him so I can go and visit them again!  There are a few questions I want to ask him regarding how he got his ‘chief’ status….

On the second day we visited the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park; because of the work he was doing in trying to establish an independent Ghana, he was overthrown and exiled by the Europeans.

kwame nkrumah kwame nkrumah memorial




We also visited Kakum National Park where we walked across seven (yes 7!) of those precarious-looking plank and rope bridges, watch the video to cross one of them with me!

 I can now say “I SURVIVED THE WALKWAY!”

Sunday was our free day; I took a bunch of the tour group to meet Naomi who I’d met in Brixton a few months ago; she’s Jamaican but has been living in Ghana for 13 years and was on holiday in England when we met; it turned out that her Guest House ‘Taste of Africa’ was only 10 mins walk from where we were staying! We had a great time with her and husband Neville; and just by chance, I’ve ended up staying with them rather than travelling to Pokuase!

All things work together for the good….  :-)

Spending Time with the Locals

As much as I enjoyed the luxury of the beach resorts we stayed at, I equally enjoyed mixing with the locals; we visited Okurase Village which is supported by Powerful’s business;

We didn’t just do the tourist thing; we learnt African dance, drumming and cooking!

drumming workshop schoolchildren village mother and sun









We donated pencils, paper and arts materials for their school and arts centre, and learnt more about their simple yet hard-working way of life.

me and tree

We also visited the Botanical Gardens in Aburi, stopping off at Rita Marley’s studio on the way; I saw a Moringa Tree for the first time! (I take Moringa leaf powder every day).  I also saw a shea butter tree for the first time (didn’t know shea butter came from trees!) I was actually expecting to see lots of tropical flowers, but the trees were interesting too!

This tree had died and rather than just cut it down, they turned it into a work of art!



Dungeons NOT Castles!

Elmina and Cape Coast ‘Castles’ had to be the most profound for me; we performed a beautiful ceremony led by ‘Seestah’ IMAHKUS N. Okofu (owner of One Africa Health Resort), where we lit candles, prayed, gave thanks, spoke affirmations and ‘fed’ our ancestors. 

The Door of No Return?

to the dungeonin memory of our ancestors plaque








What bothered me the most was how the European enslavers built CHURCHES directly above the dungeons where our ancestors were held, and how they used RELIGION to justify their barbaric acts.  It baffles me how they are still able to use the same religion to mentally enslave Africans and their descendants today!  Everyhwere I go in Ghana I see images of the white Jesus, our ‘saviour’!  The door has since been renamed ‘The Door of Return’, as we (the descendants of enslaved Africans) are returning to our Motherland!

I was honoured to be given the opportunity to perform my poem ‘Who Am I’? in the female dungeon, which was very apt!

We stayed in 3 beautiful resorts owned by people of colour; if you’re thinking of taking a holiday, you should seriously consider spending your holiday in beautiful Ghana at one of these lovely beach resorts:

 Asaasi Yaa Oceanfront Beach Resort:  One Africa Health Resort:   Afrikiko Riverfront Resort:

The tour group have now returned to England, and Neville (Naomi’s husband) has set up my computer (the base was the first thing to go into my suitcase, that shows what a workaholic I am!) Over the next two weeks I’m going to be revising my books (haven’t read them since I wrote them!), and finishing my poem ‘Black Scorpio Woman’!

This is how I imagined my life; travelling the world, staying in beautiful Guest Houses and Hotels, making a living from my creations, and inspiring others to live their dream too!

My next wish is to be able to send for my 3 suns so they can join me wherever I am in the world and share in the adventures!  I’m hoping to be able to send for them in January so they can spend a couple of weeks with me in Ghana before I leave for America (more about that in my next post!)

I feel like I’m finally starting to see the harvest of all the seeds I’ve been planting!







Cezanne Poetess (Visual & Spoken Word Artist, Author)

Visit my Facebook Page to see more photographs of the tour; I’ll be posting a new blog tomorrow with GREAT NEWS!

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Leaving for Ghana TOMORROW!

I’m really excited, I’m leaving for Ghana TOMORROW!

This is going to be a trip of a lifetime; First I’m doing a 10-day Cultural Tour with The Calabash Hub, where we will be travelling all around Ghana; I’m especially looking forward to visiting the place where my ancestors were held in squalid conditions before being shipped to Europe during the Slave Trade, I know this will be an emotional time for me.  

After the tour, I’ll be staying in Pokuase with my friend, conscious hip-hop rapper Yeshuah The 1st, and his family, where I will be locked away for the first week, just to internalize everything I’ve taken in from the tour, and to write!  I also plan to create at least one professional poetry video with his help, and I’m sure we’ll work on a collaboration!  I’ve still got to finish my poem ‘Black…Scorpio…Woman!‘ which will complete my next CD ‘Rise of The Phoenix‘ (click on the link to listen to some of them!) I’ll also be working on the sequel to my novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘ so I’ll be busy writing and recording for at least the first month!  

On December 5th I’ll be performing at this natural hair event in Accra:

ghana event 5th Dec


And on December 20th I’m the main feature artist at this event also in Accra:

Ghana Flyer

Hoping to perform at a few more events while I’m out there as well!  If you’re in Ghana on these dates, join us!!  (The second one is FREE!)  My poetry CD’s will be on sale (with their Book of Lyrics)  Not sure how to work out the prices yet, but since I’m planning on printing them up when I get there, it should be the equivalent of what I sell them for here: £9.99

I don’t have a time-limit to when I’ll be back in the UK, in fact, I’m planning on travelling straight to the USA from Ghana, to promote my books, poetry and art!


My novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! was nominated for TWO awards this year: The  SpokenWord Billboard Awards (I was nominated in two categories: International Artist of the Year, and Best Perfect Bound Collection) and the Beffta Awards (in the category ‘Best Author’)  

Book 2 copy

I’m sure the award nominations will open up more opportunities for me, including travelling from Ghana to the USA to promote my books, art and poetry! One of the reasons I want to go to USA from Ghana is to cross the Middle Passage, which is an integral part of me writing the sequel to my novel!  If you haven’t read it yet, order your copy of the paperback from Lulu for only £8.99 by clicking on the book image above!

I will update this blog with my progress as and when I get the opportunity, so if you’d like to keep up-to-date on my activities, click the ‘follow’ button!


Scandals Bar and Night Club, situated at 82 Norwood High Street, London SE27 9NW, have offered to display my paintings which will be sold ‘off the wall(see previous post for prices).  If you’re interested in purchasing one of my ORIGINALS you can view them at the venue!  All money raised from the sale of my art is going towards my goal of being able to send for my 3 suns so that they can get to experience seeing the world too!  

I’m happy to take payment in monthly instalments, so just speak to Nigel about that!  You can call them on 0208 761 5200

So all that’s left for me to say is, take care for now, and follow your bliss!






(Artist/Poet/Author/Black Love Promoter)

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Art Sale Still On, view them at Scandals!

Whilst I’m away on my Writer’s Retreat in Ghana, my paintings will be on display at Scandals Bar & Night Club, 82 Norwood High Street, London SE27 9NW and will be available to purchase ‘off the wall’ so if you’re interested in viewing/purchasing one of my ORIGINALS you can view them there!  They will be displayed in the new bar area opening in December!

‘Black Butterfly’ 4′ x 5′ oil on canvas (stars are stuck on diamentes) £2,999 o.n.o.

'Black Butterfly' by Cezanne 2009

Wings of an Eagle 4′ x 5′ oil on canvas (stars are stuck on diamentes)  SOLD!!!!

Wings of an Eagle Products copy

Blue Lotus 38″ x 48″ oil on canvas £2,500 o.n.o.

'Blue Lotus' by Cezanne 2010

Self Love oil on canvas £749 o.n.o. (NB: butterfly was stuck on and is not on the original painting)


Black Orchid, oil on canvas £849 o.n.o.

'Black Orchid' by Cezanne 2009

‘Black Orchid’ by Cezanne 2009

‘Love Bump’ oil on canvas £650 o.n.o. (slight damage hence reduction from £1,250)

'Love Bump' by Cezanne 2009


‘Moondance’ oil on canvas (stars are hand applied diamentes) £350 o.n.o.

Moondance Products

(For details about the Colour Therapy and Symbolism used in my paintings visit my Art Page)

If you are interested in investing in one (or more!) of my paintings call Nigel on 0208 761 5200

If you would like to keep up-to-date on my activities in Ghana, ‘follow’ this blog!

Take care for now, and follow your bliss!







P.S. For further details of my ‘Mad Art Sale’ go HERE!

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TWO Awards Ceremonies this Weekend!

Today is the last day to vote for me to WIN ‘BEST AUTHOR’ in the Beffta Awards!


Just go to, scroll down to the bottom until you see the Category 3: ‘ARTS, Best Author‘, then choose Nominee: Cezanne Poetess

It takes less than two minutes, your vote could be the one to make that difference!

(I Photoshop’d myself holding the award, a bit of Creative Visualization going on there!)

This is the second time this year that my novel has been nominated for an award, so please help me WIN this time! Winning this Award would undoubtedly help with sales, and will also help me to get a publisher’s deal to write the SEQUEL!

If you haven’t read my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ you can read Year One FREE at

TWO Awards Ceremonies this weekend!

I will be attending the Beffta Awards on Friday, and I’m also booked to perform at the BBA Awards this Saturday!  For details visit my Events Page


I really think I’m on my way to fulfilling my dream of being an Award-Winning, Best-selling Author, don’t you?  ;-)

It takes less than 2 minutes, cast your vote at, with thanks in advance!

Listen to my poem “I Am What I WILL to Be!” – YOU can be too!


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