I’ve been Nominted ‘BEST AUTHOR’ in the Beffta Awards, vote for me to WIN!


I’ve been nominated in the category of ‘BEST AUTHOR‘ of the Beffta Awards for my novel Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! Winning this Award would really improve my chances of getting a Publishers Deal to write the sequel!  If you would like to help me WIN please vote for me here: http://www.beffta.com/voting

(Nomination Category: ART 3: Best Author, select Nominee: Cezanne Poetess)

Haven’t read it yet?  Start the journey by reading Year One FREE at www.singlespiritualandsexual.com

‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’

Join me next Tuesday 21st Oct, 6-7.30pm @ Harlesden Library Plus, where we will have fun discussing my latest Self-help book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ Download the book for only £1.53 read it over the weekend, then come and join in the discussion!  (click on the image below)

HTG Kindle

Signed paperbacks will be on sale at a reduced price of £5.99 on the day! (normal price £7.99)  For full details  and to Preview the book FREE visit my Events Page

Come and Say Goodbye!

I’ll be at The Enterprise Centre, 639 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 8SA from 12pm-6pm on Friday 31st October (where 3 of my paintings are on display) to say my goodbyes!  I’m off to Ghana on a 3-month Writer’s Retreat, and then from there I plan to go to America to seek my fortune!

I’ll be signing copies of my books, and auctioning my paintings – you could walk away with a bargain! If you’re free that day, come and see me before I go! (details on my Events Page)

Stay blissed!







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3 Weeks to Go for Ghana!

I’m finally on my way to fulfilling my dream of visiting my Motherland!

I’ll be doing a 10 day tour with The Calabash Hub from the 7th November, including visiting Cape Coast where my ancestors were held in dungeons before being transported across the Middle Passage to be sold into slavery.  After the tour, when the group return to England, I’ll be staying with my friend Yeshuah and his wife and baby for a month in Pokuase!  I’ve already pre-warned him that for at least the first week, I’ll want to stay in a Self-imposed solitary confinement to internalize everything I’ve taken in from the tour, and to write.

Yeshuah has a home-studio, so I’ll also have the opportunity to record, as well as create videos!  I’m aiming to update this blog once a week, so watch this space!

I know this is going to be a life-changing experience for me, and I know it will come out in my writing and art!

I’m also booked to perform in Accra on December 20th,  and to do some art with a FB friend of mine, ‘Royal Tafari’.

I’m aiming to spend at least 2-3 months in Ghana, where I’ll be doing research for the sequel to my novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’, and writing its sequel.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can start the journey by reading Year One FREE!

Book 2 copy

Going to Ghana is an integral part of writing the sequel; I won’t spoil it for you by telling you why, but she does make the trip to Ghana in the story, and it changes her life, even more so than how the first book ended!

I’m selling my original paintings used to illustrate the book, as well signed copies of my books and CD’s (my latest CD Rise of the Phoenix and its Books of Lyrics is due out by the end of this month) to raise funds for my trip, if you are interested in getting signed copies of my books with their CD’s visit www.singlespiritualandsexual.com


‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’  Discussion & Book Signing Event

Join me next Tuesday 21st Oct for the Discussion of my Self-help book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ @ Harlesden Library Plus, from 6-7.30pm! Download the ebook for only £1.53 (click on the image below), read it in advance, then come and join in the discussion!  For full details visit my Events Page

HTG Kindle

Hope to see you at one of these events before I leave!







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‘Rise of the Phoenix’ poetry CD Coming Soon!

Full Book Cover Rise of the Pho copy

This is the cover design for the Book of Lyrics to my latest CD ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ (I designed it my Self!), what do you think?  The CD is due out at the end of this month; I just sent off for a draft copy of the Book of Lyrics to see how it looks in print – can’t wait!!! You can listen to some of the poems on my Soundcloud:

Some of these poems were never going to be released (like ‘BEWARE THE VAMPIRE!’) because I’m now ‘in the light’, but after listening to them again, they all have a message in them!

I’m still working on the final poem: ‘Black…Scorpio…Woman!’

It’s the hardest poem I’ve ever had to write! I started doing the research for it 3 years ago; it’s all based on Astrology, Numerology and Cosmology!  By the time I get the print version of the book (I left a space where the poem should go), I’m aiming to have the poem finished.  Then all I have to do is record it, so I’m well on track to having the CD out by the end of this month!

You can pre-order your signed copy of the CD with its Book of Lyrics for only £9.99 from www.singlespiritualandsexual.com/Products

Stay blissed!







'How to Get the Ring On Your Finger' Self-help book by Cezanne

P.S. For details of my last Book Signing & Discussion event this year, being held at Harlesden Library on 21st Oct, visit my Events Page!

My Mad Art Sale has been extended to the end of this month!  I’m going to Ghana on a 3-month Writer’s Retreat (from Nov 7th), and all my paintings are on offer at bargain prices, check it out HERE!

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What if God is a Black Woman?

This week I collaborated with a German poet (a Christian) and put my vocals to his music and Prayer Poem Silent Holy Knowing.  We connected on a soul level that trascended colour, but I noticed he always referred to God as HE and HIM, so I had to ask if he really believed that God was a man.  He said he KNOWS.  That got me thinking.

I grew up in a Christian home, and accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour was of utter importance.  We had pictures around the house of Jesus on the cross etc; our ‘Saviour’ was supposedly a white man.  As I grew older and began developing my own relationship with my Creator, I started to question a lot of what I’d been taught to believe.

When we were growing up, if we asked our mother questions about the bible like “What if Jesus isn’t the only way to God?” or “What if we don’t go to heaven when we die?”  she’d reply “You’re going to What if yourself into hell!” 

In my thirties, as an unmarried Christian mother of two young boys (I fornicated and had them ‘out of wedlock’) I began being inspired to write inspirational poetry based on scriptures.  This is one of them, it’s about recognizing the Source of all my gifts and talents:


But what if God isn’t a white male? What if God looks like me?

After all, didn’t King James and those who constructed the bible (from ancient manuscripts) commission the artist Michaelangelo to paint pictures of Jesus and the other bible characters to look like them? So why can’t I think of God as being a Black Woman?

Makes sense to me.  I mean, if God is a Spirit and colour doesn’t matter, why have they (the religious establishment) gone through so much trouble to remove images of the Black Christ and Black Madonna and replaced them with white images?  If God is white, and our Saviour is white, that makes the white man God, right?  So if Black people must think of their Saviour as white, think of the psychological implications of that….


It’s not a coincidence that the poem we collaborated on (which he wrote) was all about being in ‘The Silence’.  But I haven’t heard from him since I told him that I believe that we are ALL ‘God in the flesh’ and that I got the revelation of the scripture ‘Be still….and KNOW….that I…AM…GOD!‘ during a two-hour session of sitting in ‘The Silence’……

‘Silent Holy Knowing’ a Prayer Poem by HeiligGeist DeutschChill feat. Cezanne Poetess:


Coincidentally, both these poems will help you connect with ‘The Source’!

Stay blissed!







To listen to more of my ‘Prophetic Poetry’ visit my Soundcloud

Mad Art Sale, ends 31st Oct!

I’m going on a 3-month Writer’s Retreat to Ghana in November, so I’m selling off my paintings at mad prices to raise funds for my trip!  If you’ve been admiring my paintings, now you can get one at a fraction of its original cost! Go HERE for details!


You can learn more about the Colour Therapy & Symbolism used in my paintings by visiting my Art Page.

What Do Men Really Want? and ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ 

For details of these events I’m taking part in during October 2014 visit my Events Page!

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Mad Art Sale – ends 31st Oct!

Cezanne Poetess:

If you love my art, now’s your chance to walk away with a bargain!

Originally posted on Cezanne Poetess (Artist/Poet/Author):

Would you love to own one of my ORIGINAL paintings?  Now’s your chance!

I have to raise £800 by 8th October to pay the balance on my 10-day tour to Ghana (I was supposed to have been paying in monthly installments!).  So here’s the deal; the only things I possess that will help me raise that kind of money in such a short space of time are my ORIGINAL paintings, so I’m willing to sell them off at MAD PRICES, just to reach my goal!

Four of my paintings are on display at The Enterprise Centre, 639 High Road Tottenham, London N17 for their Black History Month exhibition, you can go and view them there!

My paintings were previously priced much higher, but right now my main concern is raising £800 in the next 7 days, so you could walk away with a bargain!

I’ve added photos and a…

View original 432 more words

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My Collaboration with a German Poet

I wouldn’t normally update my blog in the middle of the week, but I’ve had an interesting few days and I wanted to tell you all about it!

Over the weekend, I received a friend request on Facebook from a man in Germany called ‘HeiligGeist DeutschChill‘.  I don’t normally accept request from random people, but I saw that he was married, a Christian, and living in Germany so I thought “Why not?”

He inboxed me some music he had produced, and I sent him the link to my Soundcloud so he could listen to some of my Christian poems.  He liked them, and asked if I could put my voice to some of his music.  He said he’s been looking for a singer for the last 4 years, so I told him I’m more of a Spoken Word Artist than a Singer!  Anyway, he emailed me the track, with the lyrics that he wanted me to sing to.  He also sent me a voice recording of him reciting the poem, and since he had written the poem in both English and German, I asked him to send me a recording of him reciting the poem in German as well.  This was on Sunday.  We connected spiritually, and I was so inspired by the music and words that I worked on it all day on Monday, and this is the result which turned out to be a very meditative track:

This was a major paradigm shift for me because I never considered that the ‘white male’ would be someone I could work with.  It was only recently that I ‘opened my mind’ to working outside of the ‘black conscious community’.


I directed him to where he could read Year One of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! FREE, and after reading it, he was inspired to write this poem:

A Prayer Poem
By Heilig Geist (inspired by Cezanne Poetess)

What is the
Meaning of life
Asking in
Deep contemplation

Getting to the
Bottom of the
Real important
Things and issues

The deepest desire
Developing a deep
Relationship to

But how to get
How to go
How to ask
How to think

Reading the bible
Praying with words

Serving HIM
Desiring HIM
Crying for HIM
Going to church for HIM


It´s feeling HIM
Opening the heart
Opening the spirit
Opening all for HIM

Being one
With HIM
With You
With nature

The wonder
Of HIS creation
Of HIS nature

This is a
For me – from
Thinking to feeling

A new born
Deep believing

Hallelujah and



Was ist der
Sinn des Lebens
Fragend in
Tiefer Kontemplation

Vordringen bis auf den
Grund der
Wirklich wichtigen
Dinge und Themen

Die tiefste Sehnsucht nach einer
Entwicklung einer tiefen
Beziehung zu

Aber wie bekomme ich heraus
Wie es weiter geht
Wie man weiter fragt
Wie man denkt

Lesen der Bibel
Beten mit Worten

Ihm dienend
Nach IHM wünschend
Für IHN weinend
Für IHN in die Kirche gehend


Es ist IHN zu fühlen
Das Herz zu öffnen
Den Geist zu öffnen
Alles für IHN zu öffnen

Eins sein
Mit ihm
Mit dir
Mit der Natur

Das Erfühlen
Des Wunders
Seiner Schöpfung
Seiner Natur

Dies ist eine
Für mich – vom
Denken zum Fühlen

Ein neu geborener
Tief gläubiger

Halleluja und


When I finished writing the novel in 2011, I knew I wasn’t where the main character was in the story; she reached a point where she began to view every body as a Divine Spirit living in a human body.  I was still hung up on the black-white issue, the effects of slavery on Black people, and such like.  I’m still not 100% free of this mindset, but the lesson this has taught me is to keep an open mind, and to be open to all opportunities that come my way.

I feel another collaboration coming on!

Stay blissed!


Touching the Heart…through Art!


P.S. Check out my 7-day Mad Art Sale where you can pick up one of my ORIGINAL paintings at a fraction of its original cost! go HERE for details!

Apart from the Exhibition, I’m also performing at an event on 8th Oct called ‘What Do Men Really Want?’,  I’m also hosting my last Book Signing & Discussion event for this year on 21st Oct, visit my Events Page for details!

Read my blog post Who Am I? to commemorate Black History Month!

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Creating Equilibrium

Back in 2011, I woke up early one morning to the sound of mail dropping through my front door.  It was a hand-delivered letter from a bailiff.  Feelings of panic, fear, anxiety and all those stress-related feelings surged through my body.

I had just come back to the ‘real world’, after spending a year locked away at a friend’s house, learning how to meditate and doing my paintings.  With the letter still in hand, I lay down on my sofa and looked up at my painting ‘Blue Lotus’ hanging on the wall:

'Blue Lotus' by Cezanne 2010

‘Blue Lotus’ by Cezanne 2010

At the time I was also learning how to do the ‘Power Pause‘, a 3 minute exercise where you ‘switch focus’ from anything that is causing you stress (google it!).  I did the Power Pause, and after, I felt inspired to write my poem ‘Equilibrium‘ while focusing on the painting:

Intro: Nervous tension, constant worry, problems in the family, anxiety about money, bills overdue, relationship issues….

When the pressures of life get me down
And the stresses of life make me frown
I’ve got to find a way to get my peace of mind
And create equilibrium

In order for me to keep my sanity,
I must create the balance between my mind, spirit and body
Let go of all the things causing strain on my brain
So I can keep my mental and emotional stability

When the pressures of life get me down
And the stresses of life make me frown
I’ve got to find a way to get my peace of mind
And create equilibrium

So I rise early with the morning sun
To give thanks for all the Lord has done
Take time out to meditate and pray before I start my day
When I focus on all the positive things in my life
I realise I’m too blessed to be stressed
There are so many things for me to be grateful for
So by taking a few minutes to switch focus away from
I put myself in a positive vibration

In order for me to keep my Self in symmetry;
Mentally, spiritually and physically
I must find the balance between work, rest and play
And give my Self time to recuperate from the stresses of the day
By learning to take control of my negative thought patterns
And harnessing the positive energy within me
I’m able to maintain my serenity
Meditation is the key….

And so I find a way to get my peace of mind
And create equilibrium
And so I find a way to balance my life
And create equilibrium
And that’s what I’ve done!

Floating on a sea of consciousness
I realise I am a Triune being;
I am Love!
I am Peace!
I am Joy!
These are my natural states of being
My inner world is creating my outer world
My outer world is simply reflecting!

The Garden of Eden is a state of mind
The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN.

I let all burdens fall from my shoulders
I let anxiety drop from my mind
I let all fear slip away from my heart
I release all feelings of guilt and condemnation
I am free from all burdens;
Mental, physical and financial
I am now light

“Thank You!”

~ Cezanne Poetess 2011
Acoustic Guitar: Theo Calliste spiritra@hotmail.co.uk

Both the painting and poem feature in Year Four of my Self-help novel Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! Read an Extract HERE!

You can  order a SIGNED paperback of my novel with its complimentary poetry CD Seeds of Love’ for just £9.99 from www.singlespiritualandsexual.com!

Blue Lotus‘ is also in my Art Sale, make me an offer, you could walk away with a bargain!

To learn about the Colour Therapy & Symbolism used in my paintings visit my Art Page

Stay blissed!






Touching the Heart…through Art!

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Artisan Impression people

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The Story of My Inner Child

My ‘her-story’ goes way back to my childhood; growing up I had a natural ability to write and draw; at school my two favourite subjects were English Literature and Art.  But my God-given talents were never encouraged at home; I was made to feel as if I was ‘no good’ at anything!  The negative comments I received made me lack confidence in my abilities; I used to screw up any piece of writing or art that I did, because I thought it wasn’t good enough.  I thought I wasn’t good enough!

By my early twenties, I had stopped writing creatively, drawing and painting altogether.  I chose a career that didn’t involve using my creative talents, and remained a blocked writer and artist for nearly 20 years.

My inner child was crying out to be heard, but I ignored her.

I was unfulfilled, and miserable.

But when my second son was born in 1995, I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to work from home.  I wanted to do something creative, so I started the process of working on my Self; I began reading Self development books that helped me to grow in Self confidence, but the main book I credit with helping me to unblock as a Writer and Artist is ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron. 

The Artists Way

I didn’t just read the book, I did what it told me to do (it’s more of a workbook).  I began with writing my Morning Pages (which I still do today), taking my inner child on our weekly ‘Artist Dates’, and  getting to the root cause of my insecurities.  Where was that critical voice in my head coming from that told me “You? An artist? (LOL)” or “You? A brilliant and successful writer? You could never amount to that!”  I had to get to the root of where these voices were coming from, then counter-attack them with POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS like “I am a brilliant and successful artist”, “I have rich creative talents”, “I am confident and competent in my creative work”, “I trust my perceptions”….

It didn’t happen overnight, but in 2001 I started writing and recording my poetry: One of the first poems I wrote was ‘My Artist Child’ (inspired by the book).  I had my third son in 2004, and in 2008 I unblocked as an artist, and the first painting I did was of my inner child:

My Artist Child with Poem

(inspired by the book: ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron)

At the time I wrote the poem ‘My Artist Child’ I was just beginning to allow my inner child the freedom she wanted to create.  I had to learn how to ‘get out of the way’ as the adult, and allow her to express herself freely, whether it be writing, painting, singing, or dancing.

I may have three suns, but my inner child has taken over my life!

Since 2001 I’ve written and recorded over 30 poems; 13 are on my debut CD ‘Seeds of Love’, some are on my next CD ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ and my Christian poetry is on my CD ‘Poetry Spoken Word’  I also painted 11 paintings, and published 3 books (one being the Book of Lyrics to the CD!).

The thing I love most about my inner child is her ability to express herself freely, in a way that I as the adult wouldn’t dare to!  I remember when I was writing my novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ I kept hearing that critical voice inside my head saying “You can’t write that!”, but I just stepped out of the way and allowed her the freedom to write whatever she chose to.

You’ve seen what children are like, haven’t you?  They say things that can be quite embarrassing for the parent.  They’d run around naked (if allowed).  They aren’t Self-conscious.  That’s what my inner child is like: Uninhibited!  She writes in a way I wouldn’t dare to; adult stuff but with the innocence of a child (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

After writing my novel and my poem ‘Can I Paint You?’ (on my CD ‘Rise of the Phoenix‘), I felt compelled to write Part Two to ‘My Artist Child’:

My inner child is wild and free –

She has no boundaries!

When I decided to set her free

I KNEW it would cost me my privacy!

(And anyone who’s had anything to do with me,

So if that’s YOU – I’m sorry).


She sits in the seat of my subconscious mind

Observing all I’m doing

Then she turns my experiences into a song,

story, or poem!


Thanks to her, my life is an open book

Go on, open it, take a look!


And she’s left ME, the adult

To deal with all the DRAMA she creates

She doesn’t know WHERE TO DRAW THE LINE!

I know I should be embarrassed,

But to be honest,

All I keep seeing are £££££££££££’s…….. (pound signs!)

I used the painting of my inner child to illustrate Year Two of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ This is where the main character discovered that her roots were actually in Africa, not the ‘West Indies’ as she’d been led to believe, and also where she inspired her partner to awaken his inner child!

Year Two Book Cover Design copy

Read an Extract from Year Two entitled ‘Lace Seduction’ (you can also hear me reading it at www.singlespiritualandsexual.com)

If you haven’t read my novel yet, you can start the journey by reading Year One FREE!


If you are interested in Poetry or Art Workshops with me, get in contact using the form below!

P.S. Some of my ORIGINAL PAINTINGS are on sale, go HERE for details!






Touching the Heart…through Art!

P.S. ‘The Story of My Inner Child’ also features on pages 32-33 of the latest issue of Conscious Vibes Magazine, dedicated to natural hair and fashion, check it out!

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Artisan Impression people

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The Black Butterfly Effect

My poem ‘The Black Butterfly Effect’ is all about TRANSFORMATION of the MIND: Just as the caterpillar has to go through a transformation to become a butterfly, we too have to go through a process to transform our MIND:

The psychological thriller ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is all about going into the past (childhood) in order to change the present; I realized that my childhood programming wasn’t serving me as an adult, so I began the process of ‘reprogramming my mind’ for success!

Part of my reprogramming involved separating my Self from the world’s way of doing things; I literally ‘cocooned’ my Self from outside influences – no newspapers, 9-5 job, or ‘tell-lie-vision’.

There’s a scripture in the bible which says ‘Do not conform to this world, but BE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND so that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God’ (Romans 12:2)

My goal is to be living proof that it is God’s Will for us to live freely and in abundance!

This world system has us trapped in a matrix that means that unless you have money, you suffer.  Is that what life is really all about?  Working to pay bills?  Sounds like a slave system to me!

So the Butterfly Effect is all about transforming your Self from who you are now, to who you wish to become.

‘Coming near to your transformation time, you will find that you begin to eat ravenously, devouring every bit of information that you can get your hands on that will help you to transform your Self from the CATERPILLAR into the BUTTERFLY’

I read countless Self-help books like ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz, ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins, ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers, ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, ‘Conversations with God’ by Neal Donald Walsch, and ‘The Master Key System’ by Charles F. Haanel.

I didn’t just read these books, I devoured them! I did all the exercises set in them, and slowly, began making progress in transforming my mind.

I also attended seminars that would help me change my way of thinking: In 2006 I attended an Anthony Robbins weekend seminar.  Prior to attending this weekend, I used to suffer from frequent bouts of depression, but he said something that made me have a paradigm shift; he said the ‘depression’ is just a fancy word for ‘negative thinking patterns’.  He explained that ‘you can change your state in an instant, just by choosing to think positive thoughts’.  I have to tell you,  I’ve never suffered from depression again! (I found a way to heal my Self through Colour Therapy)

But recently I got to a point where I couldn’t listen to another motivational speaker, read another Self help book, or attend another seminar – I was bloated!  Some may call it ‘fat cat syndrome’ but in this case, it’s just part of ‘The Black Butterfly Effect’

‘When you’ve consumed so much that your body becomes heavy and you’re too bloated to move…’

The ‘shedding of the skin’ process meant I had to lose some friends and family who wanted to keep me trapped in my old body (way of thinking), who didn’t want to accept the fact that I was going through a transformation.  It’s bad enough when your own body is fighting the changes, let alone when it comes from other people as well!

Then I developed a new belief system; “I don’t have to work hard to live abundantly” (in fact, rich people don’t work hard!), “I didn’t have to be poor to be spiritual”, “Money isn’t  the root of all evil”  and “I can make lots of money doing what I love!”

This world is currently based on a slave system; we are conditioned to believe that getting a good education, a good job and being able to pay our bills every month is a ‘successful life’.  The Truth is, most working people are just one paycheck away from poverty.

If you’re not happy with the progress you’ve made in life so far, it’s not too late to change!


Nowadays it’s much easier to ‘reprogram your mind’.  Technology has advanced, and you can now get really cool ‘brain entrainment’ audios that you listen to with headphones just before you fall asleep/wake up, or subliminal videos that you just watch and they go straight into your subconscious mind and do all the work for you!  (Mine has taken longer because I wanted to do the work on my mind myself!)

The process hasn’t been easy; I’ve lost my home a few times, I’ve been broke, I’ve had to send my sons to live with their dads, but through it all, I stayed focused on my goal.  When you’re going through transformation, your mind will fight to stay in its old program!

I now feel as if I’m at the point where my ‘colours are beginning to show’.  I’m almost ready to spread my wings and fly and dance among the flowers………..

Adinkra Symbol for Transformation

Are you ready to Transform?

Above is the Adinkra Symbol for Transformation; I used it throughout my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ 


My painting ‘Black Butterfly’ was also used to illustrate the front cover of the book!

The main character went through an 11-year transformational journey; join her on her 11-year quest for ‘the Truth’ by reading Year One FREE at www.singlespiritualandsexual.com







Touching the Heart…through Art!

P.S. Read ‘The Story of My Inner Child’ on pages 32-33 of the latest issue of Conscious Vibes Magazine!

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‘The Preparation’ is all about SHARING ENERGY

My King Plain copy

‘The Preparation’ was written to compliment my painting ‘My King'; I was actually staring at the painting while writing the poem!  I was also listening to an instrumental by acoustic guitarist Theo Calliste while writing the lyrics, as I was collaborating with him to write poetry to 11 of his compositions! (8 are on my CD ‘Seeds of Love’)

‘The Preparation’ is an inspired piece of writing; it’s one of my poems which I didn’t have to think about much while I was writing.  I believe ‘The Preparation’ is actually a sacred ritual; a woman is supposed to know how to prepare her man for sex, especially if he’s had a rough day in the outside world.  She must know how to create a peaceful home environment that will heal his mind and body, and not allow him to come home and transfer any negative energy that he may have picked up from work or from relating with negative people during his day.   This works the other way around too!  It could be the man or woman who is feeling drained of energy; The Preparation‘ is about SHARING ENERGY.  There may be times when your partner is feeling drained of energy, and you may have to transfer some of your energy to them; then when they are feeling rejuvenated, they can transfer the energy back to you:

As you walk in,

I can feel your passion…rising.

But you’re not ready for me

See, you’re still carrying the negative energy

You picked up along the way during your day.

So let me run you a bath

And help you wash all your troubles away

Leave behind all the pressures of life

The worries and strife

The drama, the bills

And enter if you will, into my Queendom…

A safe haven

A place of mental freedom

Feel my energy

Come, lay your head on my chest

Let me stroke your face,

Erase the tension,

Feel my breath

as I whisper sweet words of love in your ears

Ease your fears,

Let me massage away the stresses of the day

Relax, enjoy!

Let your Self go

Think of nothing,

Not even me

Let the aromatherapy soothe your mind, spirit, soul and body

Allow it take over all your senses

Let your mind be free

Hmmm…there you go

Now you’re ready for me!

Touch me, and now I want you to

Touch me, you know it’s only you

Who can make me feel the way that you do

So touch me and make my dreams come true.

You’re my Sun, I’m your Moon

Ooooh, there’s nothing more I love to do

Than to share my energy with you

‘Cos you give it back to me so damn good!

(Oh baby, you make me wanna sing

with this sweet sweet loving you’re giving!)

So touch me,

Lay your kisses on me and

Touch me all over my body baby

‘Cos when you’re touching me your love for me I feel

So touch me and let me feel your energy

Mmmmm….yeah, right there baby…

© Cezanne 2010

Music: Theo Calliste spiritra@hotmail.co.uk

Sexual energy is a powerful force, and we haven’t been shown how to use it properly, apart from to have sex, but it has many other uses!  We aren’t even told what’s happening spiritually when we join our physical bodies with another.  If you have multiple sexual partners, or you are sleeping with someone who is an ENERGY VAMPIRE, you can end up mentally, emotionally and spiritually DRAINED!

Energy Vampires will DRAIN your energy without giving it back – My poem ‘BEWARE THE VAMPIRE!‘ tells you how to recognize one! (Click on the link to listen to/read the poem).  I have to admit that I was vex when I wrote it,  and I was never going to release it because I thought about the fear it might create, but it’s one of my inspired poems, and I do believe it’s my duty to ‘warn the sisters’ about this type of brothers!

Book 2 copy

‘The Preparation’ features in Year Two of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’,  read an Extract  (Year One is FREE to read at www.singlespiritualandsexual.com)

You can read/listen to more of my poetry on my Poetry page!

Visit my Art Page to view more of my paintings too!

Check out the latest issue of Conscious Vibes Magazine promoting Natural Hair & Fashion – ‘The Story of my Inner Child’ is on pages 32-33!





Touching the Heart…through Art!

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Artisan Impression people

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